The doctor who oversaw a 10-year-old girl's abortion after she was raped and denied an abortion in Ohio may bring legal action.

Abortion protest Indiana

There were abortion-rights demonstrators in Bloomington.

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According to public records that were first reported by the Indianapolis Star and confirmed by the Washington Post, Bernard disclosed the girl's abortion to the state two days after it happened and noted she sought an abortion after being abused.

The form was submitted to the state health department and child services and details the child's abortion as required under Indiana law, which states physicians must report any abortions for people under the age of 16 within three days after the abortion takes place.

The state of Indiana was investigating Bernard to see if she had complied with reporting requirements and if she had violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by telling the media about the abortion.

Indiana University Health, Bernard's employer, said in a statement Friday it had conducted a review into whether the doctor properly followed privacy laws and found Bernard is in compliance with them.

The doctor took every appropriate and proper action according to the law and her medical and ethical training, according to Kathleen DeLaney.

The records show that Bernard is in compliance with the law.

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The doctor is considering legal action against those who have smeared her. The facts will come out in time.

Chief Critic

After the abortion records were reported, Rokita said that they were gathering evidence from multiple sources. The legal review of it is still open.

Key Background

The 10-year-old girl was denied an abortion in Ohio because of the state's ban on the procedure starting six weeks into a pregnancies. The girl was six weeks and three days pregnant when she had a medical abortion in Indiana. The child's abortion was reported to the media by Bernard, who said she had been asked to take the patient from Ohio. The child's case has become a flashpoint in the debate over abortion rights, with President Joe Biden commenting on the "extreme" nature of a 10 year old being forced to carry her child to term. Before the child's rapist was arrested and charged with the crime, many on the right had tried to claim the story was fabricated, including Rokita, who said on Fox News he had not seen a "whisper" of evidence. Once it was clear that the story was true, those that had doubted it were forced to backtrack.

Surprising Fact

The 10-year-old girl was denied an abortion in Ohio because of her age. According to James Bopp, an attorney with the National Right to Life, the child should have been forced to have the baby, as many women have had babies as a result of rape.

Records show that an Ohio girl had an abortion.

The doctor who helped the 10-year-old rape victim get an abortion is being investigated by Indiana.

A man is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl.