The Secret Service erased text messages from January 5 and January 6 of 2021. The House and Senate homeland security committees received the letter from the Department of Homeland Security. The letter states that the text messages were erased shortly after officials requested the agency's electronic communications.

There was no response from the Secret Service.

In an attempt to prevent the 2020 election results from being certified, the Secret Service played a key role in the congressional hearings on the storming of the Capitol. The vice president certified the results at the Capitol. The Secret Service tried to get the vice president out of the building.

The Secret Service detail was told by the vice president that he wasn't going to get in the car. You guys are going to take off if I get in that car. If the vice president entered the limo, he would have been taken to a location where he wouldn't be able to certify the election results.

The congressional official not authorized to speak publicly said that if the vice president had fled the Capitol, this would have been worse. The coup could have been a success.

The six most chilling words of this entire thing I have seen so far are the ones that Pence said when he refused to drive.

The Secret Service's electronic communications may never see the light of day according to the Office of Inspector General. The Secret Service's parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security, is subject to oversight by the Office of Inspector General, which requested records of electronic communications from the Secret Service between January 5 and January 6, 2021. It is not known if all of the messages were deleted or just some.

To preserve the integrity of our work and protect our independence, we do not discuss our ongoing reviews or our communications with Congress.

During his testimony before the January 6 committee, Cassidy Hutchinson said that Trump ordered the Secret Service to take him to the Capitol so he could speak to his supporters. She said that Trump lunged at the Secret Service after reaching for the wheel of the presidential limo.

The top Secret Service official is still in a leadership position. The national security adviser to the vice president was informed by Tony Ornato, a Secret Service agent, on January 6 that the vice president would be relocated to Maryland. Ornato was told that he couldn't do that. He should be left where he's at. The man has a job to do. I'm aware of you guys. If you have the opportunity, you will fly him to Alaska. Don't do it nato denied the account.

The Secret Service has an Office of Training.

Agencies involved in national security tend to sidestep oversight by using the sensitivity of their work. Inspectors general are often faced with institutional resistance during investigations. Inspectors general are not often welcomed.

A document illustrating the challenges was provided by a customs and border protection official. According to a memo produced by the agency for a leadership meeting with the DHS Office of Inspector General, the inspector general has a high number of requests for direct, unfettered access to the Customs and Border Protection systems. Customs and Border Protection can use a number of exemptions to avoid records requests from the inspector general's office.