In Indiana abortion is not allowed after 22 weeks of pregnancy. Both Ohio and Indiana have strict reporting requirements for abortion and rape allegations.

Yost said on Fox that there was no evidence of a report being filed for the 10-year-old.

The account about a young girl has become a focal point of the abortion debate because of the fall of the constitutional right to abortion in the US. The account sparked intense dialogue in Washington, with some questioning the story's validity, particularly after President Joe Biden cited the episode in a major speech on abortion policy.

Biden said at the White House last week that a pregnant woman had to travel to Indiana to have an abortion. A child was raped, six weeks pregnant, and forced to travel to another state.

The speculation came to an end on Wednesday when the man was charged with raping the girl. He admitted to raping the child at least two times. It was reported by the Columbus Dispatch.

Immediately after the news of the arrest, the clean-up began. Jim Jordan deleted a post in which he called the story lies. The editorial page of the Wall Street Journal walked back an editorial titled "An abortion story too good to confirm" that said the case was a "fanciful" tale. Yost, who initially doubted the story, said on Wednesday that he was grateful for the child's arrest and that he had a "heartache" for the child.

The case was getting a lot of attention before Biden used it. The Indianapolis Star reported on July 1 that Bernard got a call from a child abuse doctor in Ohio three days after the Supreme Court ruled on abortion. Bernard made a statement on Wednesday.

My heart goes out to survivors of sexual assault. Bernard said that he was sad that the country was failing them. Doctors need to be able to give care when and where people need it.

It is not known if Indiana will prosecute Bernard. For weeks, abortion rights activists and legal experts have been warning about the legal risks doctors face in the wake of the Supreme Court decision.