Corlys standing on a cliff over the sea.

One of the biggest shows to ever grace a television screen was not without its problems. Fans were disappointed at how the story ended and the show was criticized for its portrayal of women and lack of diversity. In the show's first spinoff series House of the Dragon, those complaints are being dealt with head on, and a new interview breaks down exactly how.

House of the Dragon put women front and center of the show in order to deal with the franchise's depiction of women. The main characters are Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, two characters who will be portrayed at different ages by multiple actors. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the main way the show would give Westeros some welcome diversity is by going against George R.R. Martin. It's kind of.

The Velaryons will be portrayed as wealthy Black rulers marked by flowing silver dreads in House of the Dragon. The idea of the Velaryons being black was once floated by the author, but they ran with it.

Condal told the magazine that creating a show that was not a bunch of white people on the screen was important to him. We didn't want to do it in a way that felt like it was an unimportant part of the show.