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They are seen as less arrogant when they reveal their failures. Being vulnerable is hard. Language can help us remember that learning comes with practice. We need to use phrases like "The brain is a muscle that gets stronger with practice" or " nobody ever walked before they fell" when we feel vulnerable. It is possible to model that it is normal to learn and make mistakes. Sharing some of your personal development journey can help create long-term improvements in your team's psychological safety. When you stumbled in your life, talk to your team about how you need to improve and adapt. The revealing of learning moments shows that you are not in danger. Show moral modesty. A leader who shows appreciation for the moral strengths of others and acknowledges that others have more knowledge and skills in ethical dilemmas will disarm followers of their perception of moral superiority. It is possible for leaders to put their self-doubts to use.

As he left the course, he was nervous. He knew what he had to do, but he wasn't sure how to do it.