A father in China abandoned his 5-year-old son at his kindergarten after learning that he wasn't his biological child.

According to the South China Morning Post, the boy was dropped off at school by his father.

According to reports, Xiao's father discovered through a paternity test that he wasn't the boy's father and told staff that Xiao was now the school's problem.

Xiao had a backpack with a change of clothes and a mobile phone. The father was still in contact with the school after abandoning Xiao. After stopping by Xiao's home, Chen realized it was empty.

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Xiao's grandpa and uncle refused to pick him up. The 5-year-old boy was left at his kindergarten for five days and is said to be getting picked up by his mother this week.

Many people expressed their sadness for Xiao.

His life has just begun, and he should be playing at his age. There is no way that he will give up.

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Another user commented, "Look at his innocent back, it's really poignant, other people's children are pampered like babies, but he has to face the cruel world."

There is a featured image on Weibo.

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