A woman wearing the Magic Leap 2 headset Image: Magic Leap

The Magic Leap 2 headset is going to cost $3,299 when it launches on September 30. The new mixed reality device is a smaller and lighter successor to the Magic Leap, but also features a wider field of view, as expected, and is priced higher.

Magic Leap gave the Magic Leap 2 to a limited group of partners. It will be available in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are plans for launches in Japan and Singapore.

The headset comes in three different packages The base package has a limited warranty. The developer pro option adds development software tools and access to early software releases, but it is limited to internal development Quarterly software updates and tools to manage the deployment of headsets are included in the $4,999 "Enterprise" package.

The Magic Leap 2 headset, computer puck, and simple remote-style controller are included in all packages. The headset is the same as the previous one, but it has been slimmed down and lightened. It has an expanded 70 degree field of view, which is still limited, but it is less cluttered than its predecessors. The full hardware specifications of Magic Leap 2 can be found on its product page, even though many of the Magic Leap 2 specifications were outlined in January.

Magic Leap emphasizes that the headset is not for consumers. Although the company has expressed a willingness to reenter the consumer market in the future, there is still no sign of that happening. Apple and Meta have not yet revealed mass-market glasses.