False copyright claims are thebane of every YouTuber.

One of the internet's most beloved music channels, lofi girl, was just hit with a false strike. A stream that has been running nonstop for two years, four months, and 18 and a half days has been taken down.

Even if you're not familiar with the name, you've probably seen the videos. A looping animation shows a girl listening to music through headphones while her cat looks out the window. "beats to relax/study to" can be heard throughout the livestream.

There were more than 10 million subscribers to the channel. There was a false copyright strike that took it all down.

The video platform's copyright system can be difficult to navigate. Anyone with access to the Content ID system can make a claim. They can stop a creator from making money from their videos, collect that creator's ad revenue for themselves, and demonetize a creator's entire channel if they do that.

YouTube will take action against those who abuse the Content ID system if they disagree with the bad faith claims. These very instances keep occurring over and over again.

The stream that has been running since February of 2020 suddenly stopped on Sunday. The account of the lofi girl explained what happened.

The lofi radios have been taken down because of false copyright strikes, hopefully the creators ofYouTube will sort this out quickly...

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The fake copyright strike was issued by a music label based out of Malaysia.

The apology was given on Monday morning and it was confirmed that the claims were false. The copyrighted troll's account was terminated by YouTube.

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It can sometimes take 24-48 hours for everything to be back to normal after we resolved the strikes and reinstated your videos.

The removal of the copyright strikes is a good thing, as they prevent the lofi girl channel from making money from its videos. The account of the video sharing website seemed confused about the matter. Livestreams that are more than 12 hours long are not available for replay, even if it was intentional. There will not be a Lofi Girl livestream for viewers to watch again.

This isn't the first time that Lofi Girl's video has been taken down. Right before the latest livestream went live, YouTube randomly shut down the entire lofi girl channel. It was a mistake on the part of the company.

There is one interesting piece of information that comes out of this latest false copyrighted work. Users can see how many views the video has gotten once the livestream ends. When a live stream is active, the number of concurrent live viewers is shown on the video sharing website.

How many people have watched the marathon of a livestream by lofi girl? More than half a billion times.

It's amazing how much of a problem false claims are making on the internet. If a popular channel with more than 10 million subscribers is not safe from these strikes, who is?