LG V50

(Image credit: Android Central)
  • The LG V50 ThinQ receives one final software update via Android 12.
  • The update sees improvements to the phones privacy options for its camera, microphone, and location.
  • This new update brings new functions for the phone to remove permissions and free up space.

There was a time when the phone game was dominated by the company. The company isn't done supporting its existing phones as the V50 ThinQ gets the latest version of the operating system.

As reported by 9to5Google, the V50 ThinQ was the last major update for the device. Going into the phone's settings gave the device's camera and microphone more privacy options. The update improves the phone's location.

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There is a new function in the new update that will free up space on the V50 ThinQ. The differences between the V50 and the V40 were found in the new tab. The foldable phone industry is something that the company is interested in. The V50 could be turned into a phone with a specific case. Some of the best foldable phones would work on this screen. As it came with five cameras, it's an interesting phone.

The company has been pushing out the updates to its existing phones. It's likely that this is the last hoorah for their devices.