According to leaked documents, the company tried to lobby politicians and break laws in order to expand around the world.

According to reports from outlets such as the Guardian and Le Monde, the company received help from politicians. The so-called "Uber Files" are based on more than 124,000 documents shared with the non-profit International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

In a statement released shortly after the reports were published, the company didn't deny any of the allegations and instead focused on the changes that have been made.

According to the company, there has been a lot of reporting on the mistakes made by the company. There have been thousands of stories published and many books written.

The company says that safety is a top priority.

According to the statement, most of the current employees joined after the CEO became CEO.

For a long time, the taxi industry has reported on the aggressive tactics taken by the company. The company deployed a remote system to prevent police from getting internal data during raids, according to a report.

The authorities were kept in the dark.

Macron’s Role

Text messages between Kalanick and Macron were reported by Le Monde. There were four meetings between the two and a secret deal was made between the two. A request for comment was not responded to by the office of the president.

In France, a law that made it difficult to become a licensed driver for the ride-sharing company was changed in favor of it.

According to the leaked documents, Kalanick dismissed concerns about violence against drivers during the anti-Uber protests. The company wanted to use violent attacks against its drivers to win over the public.

The Washington Post was one of the news organizations that wrote about the documents.

According to the statement, Mr. Kalanick never suggested that violence be used to hurt drivers. Any accusation that Mr. Kalanick was involved in any of these activities is not true.