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If you watched the season finale earlier this week, you know that it is where Kirk makes his debut. The season finale was supposed to break the news of his casting, but Paramount felt they had to get ahead of set photo leaks. They thought he was lying when he told them before the news broke. He was relieved that the news got out early because it allowed people to digest it in a way.

The Kirk of Strange New Worlds is introduced through a projection of a different time period. It allowed him to have a bit of a looser interpretation but not so much. He was supposed to be called his version of a new look, sitting in the middle of Shatner and Chris Pine. There is an interpretation that is different. "Doing an imitation of either Kirks would be an insult, what is most important is to pay respect to the integrity of who Kirk is."

He said that the season would look at more of the character and his relationship with pike. The two versions of Kirk he has met will have to be separated. "I can't explain to you how I met you before, but I have met you before," he said. There is a deep respect between the two men despite their different command styles.

The first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds can be found on Paramount+.

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