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It's difficult to find good hacker movies. What's the reason? It is difficult to make an interesting movie about a man sitting at a computer. The digital world is mostly invisible to the naked eye. This presents a challenge for filmmakers. There have been some good hacker films. Others haven't been good. Others shouldn't have been made in the first place. After this rundown, we will not talk about them.

The original hacker movie is called "Tron" A software engineer isdigitized and inserted into a computer program. I saw it for the first time recently and was impressed with the film's sense of fun. The images are better than ever on a 4K screen. It's pretty awesome that the movie puts you inside a retro arcade game.

War Games helped inspire a new generation of hackers. Matthew Broderick plays David Lightman, a high school nerd who hacks into NORAD and almost starts World War I. Lightman inspired many young people to become keyboard warriors in the future.

It's a cool movie. It has an amazing cast (Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kinsley, Dan Akroyd, David Strathairn, and River Phoenix) and it's an above average premise for a hacker film. It's recommended that you watch it!

Some of the scariest hacker shenanigans that now plague our world were foretold in The Net. A system analyst living in Silicon Valley is involved in a conspiracy involving cyber espionage. She is on the run for her life.

It's time to hack the planet. There are three stars in this nineties classic guessed it. The film was inspired by the cyberpunk community that flourished in the early Nineties.

In the opening scene of Swordfish, John Travolta's character forces Hugh Jackman to hack the Pentagon while receiving a blowjob from a woman at gun point. There isn't much more intelligent from there. The movie is almost enjoyable if you suspend disbelief but it is tragically stupid if you don't have any standards at all.

Stanley Jobson is an ex-con who is involved in a cyber robbery. Travolta is playing a cyber villain who wants to use money from a federal slush fund to wreak havoc. He has a bad haircut that is very similar to the one the bad guy in Hackers had. Swordfish wants its audience to believe that Jackman is one of the best hackers in the world. It's definitely true!

Michael Mann tried to make a movie about a hacker with Blackhat. Mann is known for his crime thrillers like Heat, Collateral, and Public Enemies, but he misses the mark when it comes to changing that formula.

The movie asks the audience to believe that the best hacker in the world is also the most fit one. Chris Hemsworth is in prison for hacking in Mann's movie. He was released to help find the hacker terrorist who used a Stuxnet-like program to blow up a nuclear power plant. The movie is over an hour long and you feel it.

The documentary by Laura Poitras is very strange. You probably know that Poitras was one of the few people in the room when he began leaking the secrets. The moments of revelation are documented by Poitras. The film makes the viewer feel like they are watching a historical event in real time. It requires viewing for a lot of people who use the internet. You can check it out.

Oliver Stone decided to dramatize the hacker's story one year after the film was released. I usually watch Stone's conspiratorial leftie movies, but he kinda shits the bed on this one Joe Gordon Levitt is not a good choice for the role. He doesn't look like him and his impression of the whistle blower's voice is more like a vacuum cleaner with gravel in it. The biggest issue is the script written by Stone and Fitzgerald, which is boring and uninteresting. The movie is boring and lacks any production value.

Nobody asked for a movie about the man, but we did. During his pre-prison days, Benedict Cumberbatch played the hacktivist, who set about on his quest to promote global transparency and spill the American empire's military secrets to the world. The film takes a dull, predictable approach to telling stories, which is unfortunate since it attempts to dramatize a person. Laura Poitras has a documentary called Risk that shows a similar portrait of the man.

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