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Corinne Diacre's time in charge of France has been more about drama and disharmony than on-field results, but there's a genuine effort to change that dynamic at Euro 2022. FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

Is it Azby-de-la-Z Is it asby? The French players have had a hard time pronouncing the name of the small village where they are staying for the duration of the tournament. The second part of it is called "de-la-Zouch" and it's easy to understand. It is difficult in the first part.

The little plot of paradise is called Ashby-de-la-Zouch. It is calm, green, vast and exactly what Diacre wanted for her players. If, like most people in the world, you don't know where ADLZ is, the French camp is a happy camp.

France vs Italy will be streamed live on July 10. There is an hour and a half on the Disney+ channel.

Since Diacre took the job, the France women's team has become happier. Tensions between the head coach and her players have been there for a long time. Diacre had to prioritize coming into the Euros because there are more smiles all around the France HQ. The atmosphere is more harmonious than it has been in the past five years.

Diacre is trying to change and is more relaxed. She and her agent Jean-Pierre Berns had long walks and discussions last summer. She had to understand that she had to change to be successful in this role, and the fact that she decided to give the captain armband back to Wendie Renard shows her attempts at reform. After taking it away from the Lyon defender, Diacre realized her mistake and made a U-turn.

The players that Diacre did not get on well with or didn't like was one of the reasons why the mood is better. Everyone is following the same path.

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The last time France made it past the quarterfinals in a Euros was 10 years ago, when they finished fourth at the World Cup and fourth at the Olympics. Since their loss to the U.S. in the World Cup in Paris, they have not lost a match. That loss was a quarterfinals.

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They have a lot of faith in the future. One of the stars of the tournament is Marie-Antoinette Katoto, who is only 23 years old and has an outstanding goal scorer up front. To maximize that potential, they need to form a happy, harmonious camp with a mix of youth and experience.

The French feel at home in England even though they haven't been there for a week. One of the players says that they have everything they need to be happy in this place. The "room of life" is where they spend a lot of time. They watched England play Austria and were impressed with the atmosphere. Some of the girls used to play with Sara at Paris Saint-Germain, and she will be a new teammate for some of them when she completes her move to Lyon after the Euros.

So far, France's tournament prep has been devoid of tension and the facilities in England have helped foster a positive environment. The key is whether that will continue once they begin group play on Sunday. FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

The basketball arcade game is the most popular of the other entertainment options the squad has: they also have video games, table tennis tournaments and a pool table. As they try to beat each other's high scores, you hear loud screams, laughter, arguments and jokes. The friendly competition are helping build the team spirit, as evidenced by the fact that many of the teammates disagree.

There are framed photos of the team all around the camp. There is a picture of the player on the door of the bedroom. The player's room contains a bed, desk, bathroom, and wardrobe. Some, like defender Eve Perisset, have brought some of their school homework and have to study. Some players like to hang out in the popular rooms, but this feels very much like a team. It's for now, anyways.

All the good vibes coming out of the French camp in the early days of their time in England need to be proven against Italy on Sunday. The ghosts from the past could ruin France's ambitions.