A Chinese man who sought treatment for a recurring urinary problem was shocked to find out that he had been menstruating for two decades.

The South China Morning Post reported that the man was initially diagnosed with appendicitis after he complained of abdominal pain and blood in his urine.

After having surgery for his irregular urination during puberty, Chen began to have symptoms. He experienced symptoms for the past two decades.

Chen continued to have symptoms despite being treated for appendicitis. According to reports, Chen had female sex chromosomes, which caused his symptoms.

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Chen discovered through a medical examination that he had female reproductive organs, such as a uterus and ovaries, after traveling more than 900 miles from Sichuan province to Guangzhou to see a hospital that treats genitalia issues.

His male hormones had below average levels. Chen's hormones were comparable to that of a healthy woman. The man was identified as intersex after the revelation.

He had surgery on June 6 after becoming distressed by the news. The surgeon who performed the procedure said that Chen was quickly at ease and his confidence was restored.

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He can live his life as a man, but he cannot reproduce because his testicles can't produce sperm. Going through it all can result in psychological trauma.

Intersex makes up 0.05 and 1.7 percent of the world's population.

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