A group of Border Patrol agents responding to a surge of Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas, last year behaved poorly but did not hit any of the migrants with their horses, according to a final report released by Customs and Border Protection.


The Acuna Del Rio International Bridge is located in Del Rio, Texas. The photo was taken by Paul Ratje.

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There was no evidence that any of the migrants were denied entry to the U.S. during the encounter with agents.

President Joe Biden claimed after the incident that agents "behaved like slaves" when they charged their horses and swung their reins at Haitians.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus said Friday that four agents have been referred to a discipline review board over their actions on September 19 but he did not say what penalties they might face.

At least one agent yelled "denigrating comments" at a migrant entering the U.S., while another unsafely maneuvered his horse near a child and several more tried to force them into the Rio Grande River.

The situation was chaotic and beyond the scope of Border Patrol agents' work.

According to the report, confusion was rampant among the Border Patrol, with a lack of clear command that led to agents adhering to a request from the Texas Department of Public Safety that "directly conflicted" with Border Patrol objectives.

Magnus said that the report showed that there were failures to make good decisions.

Big Number

More than 30 thousand. In mid-September, there were a lot of migrants in the U.S.

Key Background

Many of the migrants lived in squalid conditions in a makeshift camp underneath a Del Rio bridge as US authorities struggled to deal with the influx of people. During the surge, Biden was criticized by both the political right and left for not taking a harder stance to discourage migration and for not doing enough to care for the migrants. The camp was cleared out in a few days after the U.S. increased deportations. The U.S. special envoy to Haiti resigned over the decision to deport the migrants.

The Haitian migrant camp was cleared but the White House is still dealing with the border chaos.

The U.S. special envoy to Haiti has resigned due to the treatment of Haitian migrants.

The United States is ramping up deportations to end the Haitian migrant crisis.