Today, the Oregon Trail app for Apple Arcade was updated with a new health experience that is designed to motivate you to walk the 2,000 mile path in real life.

Data from the Health app can be used to walk a virtual Oregon trail. A new Apple Watch app called The Oregon Trail: Step Tracker is designed to help people walk the Oregon Trail.

The Apple Arcade version of The Oregon Trail has been designed to provide a full 2,000 mile journey from Fort Kearney to Oregon City.

Gameloft says that players can go through five journey legs with 64 locations, 7 forts, 15 river crossing, and eight pony express stations. It will take more than a year for players to complete the virtual Oregon Trail journey.

There will be statistics and progress data in The Oregon Trail app. There are also in-game rewards that can be earned.

"By utilizing Apple Health, we can confidently say the original walking simulator branches out of being just a game, into a method for players to follow the path of The Oregon Trail with their own steps. We think it's a great way for people to better understand those who made this journey, all while taking strides towards enhancing their own health and fitness," said David MacMinn, Game Manager of Gameloft Brisbane.

The Oregon Trail app can be downloaded from the App Store, but it does not require Apple Arcade.