The women leaders, mentors, researchers and entrepreneurs who are transforming the artificial intelligence industry have been honored by Venture Beat. To shine a light on some of the leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, the VentureBeat Women in Artificial Intelligence Awards was founded.

Over 200 women were nominated over five categories, and we are excited to announce our potential winners. They were chosen based on their commitment to the industry, their work to increase inclusivity in the field and their positive influence in the community. The winners will be announced and praised further.

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And now, meet our 2022 Women in AI nominees

Responsibility and Ethics of AI

A woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and a commitment to advancement of responsibility and ethics is the winner of this award.

  • Beena Ammanath, Executive Director, Global Deloitte AI Institute, Deloitte
  • Diya Wynn, Senior Practice Manager, Responsible AI, Emerging Technologies & Intelligent Platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Kathy Baxter, Principal Architect of Ethical AI Practice, Salesforce
  • Minerva Tantoco, Chief AI Officer, NYU MCSilver
  • Mirka Snyder Caron,Senior Counsel, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Data and Fraud, TD Bank
  • Muthumari S., Head of Data Science, Brillio
  • Nikki Pope, Senior Director, AI and Legal Ethics, NVIDIA
  • Saiph Savage, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
  • Susan Gonzales, CEO, AIandYou (
  • Triveni Gandhi, Responsible AI Lead, Dataiku

AI Entrepreneur

This award is given to a woman who has launched an artificial intelligence company. Business traction, technology solution and impact in the artificial intelligence space were considered.

  • Aleksandra Kazantseva, Head of Business Development, BizzClick
  • Anu Shukla, Co-founder, Executive Chairman,
  • Aparna Dhinakaran, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Arize AI
  • Denise Leaser, President, MyInnerGenius
  • Devaki Raj, CEO and Co-founder, CrowdAI
  • Dr Michelle Perugini, CEO and Co-Founder, Presagen
  • Dr. Somdutta Singh, Founder & CEO, Assiduus
  • Gila Hayat, Co-founder & CTO, ReBlonde
  • Dr. Maya Said, Founder, CEO, Outcomes4Me
  • Dr. Rachita Navara, Co-founder and CEO, SafeBeat Rx
  • Rama Chakaki, COO, aiXplain
  • Vaysh Kewada, CEO and Co-founder, Salience Labs

AI Research

The award is given to a woman who has made a significant impact in the field of artificial intelligence, either by helping accelerate progress in her organization, as part of academic research, or impacting innovation.

  • Cristina Gorrostieta, Principal Data Scientist, Cogito Corp
  • Dr. Ranit Aharonov, Chief Technology Officer, Pangea Biomed
  • Mounia Lalmas-Roelleke, Head of Technology Research for Personalization, Spotify
  • Nicole Jiang, Director of Product and Design, Abnormal Security

AI Mentorship

A woman leader who provided guidance and support to other women in the field of artificial intelligence was honored with the award.

  • Angie Westbrock, COO, Standard AI
  • Anita Weemaes, Solution Architect, NVIDIA
  • Belén Sanchez Hidalgo, Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead, DataRobot 
  • Danika Hannon, Midmarket Sales Executive, Quantinuum
  • Nancy Li, Vice President, AI & Platform, BrightAI
  • Penny Li, Senior Vice President of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), SambaNova Systems
  • Rebekah Leslie-Hurd, Director of Compiler Software Engineering, Cerebras Systems
  • Sadie St. Lawrence, Founder and CEO, Women in Data
  • Dr. Tanya Mishra, CEO & Founder, SureStart
  • Tina Nguyen, SVP, Director of Analytics, Truist Bank
  • Zoe Hillenmeyer, Chief Commercial Officer, Peak

Rising Star

This award is given to a woman in the early stages of her career who has already shown her leadership qualities.

  • Alice Fridberg, Data Scientist and Team Lead, Skai
  • Catherine Hansen, Director of Marketing, Sway AI
  • Daria Soboleva, Machine Learning Engineer, Cerebras Systems
  • Dhanya Jayachandra, Chief Technology Officer, Unitek
  • Emma Stapleton, Senior Data Scientist, Actium Health
  • Gina Romero, CEO & Co-Founder, Connected Women
  • Katie Robbert, President & Co-Founder, Trust Insights
  • Lipika Ramaswamy, Senior Applied Scientist, Gretel 
  • Luminita Busuricu, CEO, QuickLegal
  • Manisha Gupta, Global Head, Product Management, HCM & Cross Functional Analytics, Oracle
  • Meghan Mergui, Data Scientist, BigID
  • Monika Shrivastav, AI Operations & Strategy Lead – Applied AI Group, Walmart
  • Nare Tarlamazyan, Lead Product Manager, AI, Picsart
  • Prerna Dogra, Product Manager, NVIDIA
  • Rebecca Clyde, Co-founder and CEO,
  • Shrimai Prabhumoye, Research Scientist, NVidia
  • Supriya Gupta, General Manager, Recommendations, Credit Karma
  • Susan Sly, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, RadiusAI
  • Yardenne Assa, CEO and co-founder, Unboxable
  • Jigyasa Grover, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Twitter, Inc.

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