The aliens of Solar Opposites in their ship.

The third season of Solar Opposites will bring with it some wild and crazy new adventures for its alien characters as well as its tiny-human characters and its regular human characters. You would think a lot of sci-fi influences would go into its creation. Is there a cop show from the mid-2000's?

Let Mike explain what's going on. At a recent Solar Opposites press day, io9 asked him about "the Wall," a storyline in the series that follows the humans who've been trapped in a bedroom wall by one of the alien replicants. They build an entire society in there and it is full of drama as small as they are. When Solar Opposites was going to be a regular network series, we were going to sneak in occasional episodes of the original version. A joke about the replicants putting someone in the wall was written by Roiland and me. You don't think you're going to see it again? We would start an episode and go to it. We changed the formula when we were trying to get it on the air. We told the executives that we wanted to do something with the Wall. The show should be taken over by it. We are going to do it again with a new sci-fi concept, because we want it to be a big thing. We won't go back to the Wall, we'll do a bit of sci-fi and then we'll run with that.

That wasn't what ended up happening. We had a lot of funny people in the first season, and we were wondering if we should stop doing the Wall. This is a story we like. The first season had Escape from New York mixed with War of the Roses and Game of thrones. There was a murder mystery that ended up in the backyard. The third season opens up into a creature feature when it closes off some of the storylines from the previous two seasons. He didn't want to ruin the third season. There is more to say about the wall.

If we went in and pitched just that show, they would be like, 'OK, thanks, bye.' I mean what I say. He thought that it was ridiculous. The Wall is on the Solar Opposites network. We are almost able to greenlight our own weird things. When we got more episodes in season three, we were like, "Wait a minute, we have room for the wall, we have room for the family of aliens." We can do the original concept, which is that other little moments turn into more epic storylines.

The Solar Opposites aliens are not fans of the Shlorpian race and that is why the Silvercops are there. They don't like humans very much. McMahan says that they have a four or five season arcs with Silvercops. The show has been renewed for a fourth season on the streaming service. The Silvercops return, the Wall returns, and we are getting to do world building things that you usually don't get to do. Because it is inside of a show, and we have given ourselves a creative allowance to build in ridiculous stories with tiny little people, or pseudo-Green Lantern-y, crooked cops. In The Wire, they would change the B-story in order to make it look better. There was the dockworkers season, there was the reporter season, and there was also the school season. We were wondering how we could do a comedy version of The Wire. How do we make it feel like we are doing something? We have a lot of fun doing it. I love watching the audience, but I also love the aliens. If it doesn't fit together, the distribution will be counterbalanced and it won't feel right.

The third season of Solar Opposites will premiere on July 13th. Soon, we will have more on the series.

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