The internet's power in online voting and a 14-year-old's sticker submission are inspiring new hope for Gen Z.

People have the chance to vote for their favorite sticker design. The winning sticker will be given to everyone who votes in the general election. There were eight young people from the county who made it to the final. A whopping 94 percent of the votes have been cast for Hudson's sticker.

Screenshot of all sticker finalists.

The finalists of Ulster County's 2nd Annual "I Voted" Sticker competition. Credit: Courtesy of Ulster County Board of Elections

Hudson said he didn't think he would get as much attention as he did.

The first person to see his design was the Commissioner of the Board of Elections. I printed it out and brought it to everyone in the office. Everyone said yes.

User toucannabanana captioned her video, "Gen Z is more powerful than we could have imagined."

Screenshot of TikTok video.

Credit: TikTok / toucannabanana

Some people think that Hudson's design may encourage voters to participate in the general election.

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"No matter who our voters are coming out to vote for this fall, they will leave with something unique and different and I hope it will put a smile on their face," says Dittus. People should know that their votes count and that their voice matters.

Hudson's design has the most votes right now, but the sticker competition is open to voters until the end of July, so get your votes in