There is an approach to spatial audio that doesn't require a surround sound system. Standard stereo speakers will be able to use the tech. There will be an improved audio experience wherever stereo is delivered today, be it standard TV sets, stereo systems, headphones, tablets or laptops.

Some of the partners have worked with the company. The first streaming service to use the tech isNetflix. The first title to use Ambeo is the fourth season of the show. The upcoming Resident Evil series is one of the others.

If your device's audio output is set to stereo audio, you won't have to change anything. It will be the default setting for two-channel setup for certain titles.

The mix is rendered into two channels. Existing industry standard file types are used and it doesn't need a separate mix. The renderer gives control over spatialization.

The Ambeo rendering respects the original mix, tone and dialog integrity, which is exactly what the re-recording mixer is looking for. The tools that are delivered are transparent and do not interfere with the original sound. The aim of the 2-Channel Spatial Audio is to translate the intent of the mixer not to overwhelm it.

This could be a good solution for people who don't have enough equipment to use spatial audio tech.