There is a new way to promote Doge coin.

According to a report from CNN, Musk's underground transportation company, The Boring Company, now accepts payment for rides in its Las Vegas loop in the virtual currency.

There is a network of tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center that are used for transportation. The Boring Company has a plan to expand the tunnels throughout Las Vegas. The Boring Company has submitted a proposal for a loop in Miami.

The company will charge a fee for single rides and a fee for a day pass.

The company could not be reached.

The Boring Company's decision to accept payment in Dogecoin is part of a long history of accepting thecryptocurrencies. The company where Musk is CEO accepts payment in Doge coin.

The price of Dogecoin went from less than 1 cent to more than 70 cents in May of 2021, thanks to Musk's promotion on the social media site.

Musk said last month that people who aren't that wealthy have asked him to invest in Doge coin.