It's a good time to buy a new device since a lot of them are on sale before Prime Day. The Streambar, which is 31 percent off and down to $90, is one of the most popular streaming devices. The Roku Ultra for $80, the Streaming Stick 4K for $30 and the Express 4K+ are all discounted.

Shop Roku deals at Amazon Buy Streambar at Amazon - $90

We scored the Streambar 86 out of 100 in our review. It's a versatile device that's best for those who want an updated streaming device that also has good audio chops. It pumps out better audio than your old TV does, and it can be used as a speaker as well. It's only about the size of a carton of eggs and won't take up a lot of space in your setup.

The Streambar has Roku's 4K HDR streaming technology inside, as well as being a solid sound system. It can be your primary gateway to many services. It has a voice remote that you can use to find your favorite shows and movies.

The best device to get if you want the best experience is the Roku Ultra. It has the best internet speeds out of all the Roku devices. You can hardwire it into your setup if you want. You get a voice remote and a pair of headphones with it. Both the Streaming Stick 4K and the Express 4K+ are better for those on a budget, but the Streaming Stick 4K supports two features that the Express 4K+ does not.

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