A woman who runs one of Musk's companies is said to have given birth to twins on the low last year.

According to an Insider report, Musk had twins with a top executive at Neuralink.

The twins were born in November, just a few weeks after the second baby was born via a surrogate.

Court documents were filed earlier this year requesting that the children's names be changed to include a middle name and last name of Musk, according to reports. A judge gave the go-ahead.

She's risen through the ranks at his companies after meeting him back in 2015. If the deal to buy the social media giant goes through, there's a chance she'll be the one to run it.

Over the years, he's made a lot of noise about the decline in birth rates, and now he has 9 kids, including 5 with ex-wife Justine Wilson.

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A few weeks ago, we reported on the meeting between Pope Francis and a group of children.

We reached out to the twins' camp, but so far no response.