Horizon Forbidden West
Sony / Guerrilla Games

The developer of the game has found a way to make it look even better. The studio has added aBalanced rendering mode and support for both variable refresh rate and high refresh rate.

It is a feature that is new to consoles. It syncs your TV's refresh rate to the frame rate of the game you're playing, which will help to eliminate screen tearing when there's a drop in performance. The new Balanced setting promises to give you the best of both Performance and Fidelity modes with a happy medium between them.

— Guerrilla (@Guerrilla) July 6, 2022

Here is how the math works to get balanced graphics from rendering a game at 40Hz. It takes 33.33 milliseconds for your console to show a new frame. It renders a new frame every 25 and 16.66 milliseconds at 40 and 60hertz. 40 frames per second is roughly half the speed of 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second. Digital Foundry called the 40 frames per second mode a potential game-changer when it was first introduced in the game.

Some of the fixes in patch 1.17 are designed to address bugs that could stop you from completing the game. The entire changelog can be found on the internet.

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