indy look at the idol in raiders

There is a lost ark. There are Sankara stones. There is a holy Grail. The skull is made of crystal. If the world's most famous adventurer isn't going after something tangible, an Indiana Jones movie isn't an Indiana Jones movie. We think Indy will be doing the same in the fifth Indiana Jones film. What could it be?

We don't have a clue. You probably don't. That doesn't mean we can't figure it out. There is a whiff of Indy in the air with the recent image and new Disney merchandise. The fifth film is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2023, four years after its initial release date, so maybe that is the reason. We thought it would be fun to speculate a little.

We want to know what you think will happen in Indiana Jones and the Still TBD Title. Where should we begin? With the film likely to be set in the late 1960s and early 1980s, logical thinking would begin with what was happening in that era. The moon is on the surface of the earth. There is a country called Vietnam. JFK was assassinated. Does any of these things have a specific goal? It could be that Indy is looking for a magic bullet. There is a moon rock. It seems like it's a little bit trite.

Is there any other clue? There is a rumor that some of the supporting characters in the film are Nazis. It opens up a world of possibilities if that is true. It's possible that Indy is going after a relic of the Nazis. The plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade is similar, but not the same. It might be time to go back to the well.

We have no idea but we want to hear your theories. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Indiana Jones in a new movie by James Mangold. John Williams is once again doing the music and he will be joined by many other people. Like wild below.

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