The Office's Easter eggs have yet to be discovered by the biggest fans. I consider myself a foremost expert on The Office, but every week I'm learning more and more about the show.

The Office Ladies have shared many behind-the-scenes stories, filming memories, and revelations from the show since they started.

If you're a fan of Office Ladies, you know that the show's stars love spotting and unpacking background information. Don't worry if you aren't a fan of the show. I'm keeping a record of everything that fans might have missed.

Here are 20 super interesting details on The Office that you probably didn't know about.

1. That isn't Meredith in the pilot

Michael stands at Dwight's desk, a fake Meredith visible at her desk in the background

Definitely not Meredith. Credit: Mashable composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

On the first episode of the Office Ladies, Fischer explained that the pilot was not aboutMeredith. If you look at the background of Steve Carell's scenes, you will see that the woman at the desk is not Kate Flannery. There is an actor named Henriette Mantel. When the show was picked up six months later, she was busy and they had to replace her. He joined the team.

2. The pilot is full of random extras

A shot of the cast in the conferences room, complete with random extras including two of the show's actual accountants.

Two actual accountants on "The Office." Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Several extras from the pilot's conference room scene are never to be seen again, according to Fischer. Two women in the scene were accountants for the show.

The director asked if anyone wanted to be in the background of a scene. Two women sat there for a while. They were really excited.

3. Personal desk trinkets

A view from behind Pam's desk, where three photos can be see taped to the back of the reception desk.

A look at Jenna's personal desk photos. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Some items in the Dunder Mifflin desks are not from the props department but from the actors themselves.

The director wanted us to personalize our desk for the first episode. Kinsey said that they all brought something from home. I had a picture of myself and my grandma in a frame. My eyes are closed in the photo.

Pam's desk had a picture of her and her real sister swimming in the lake at the Ozarks. There was a stunning personal item on the desk of the other person.

Kinsey said thatPhyllis had a picture of herself with a red feather boa.

4. I spy with my little eye, another FreeCell Solitaire game

A photo from behind Pam's shoulder, over which we can see her mid-FreeCell game.

"I like when the cards go fhhht-fhhht-fhhht" Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

You will see characters playing FreeCell Solitaire in the background of a scene. The person was not acting. Over the years, the Office cast members became huge FreeCell fans and started holding contests to entertain themselves. The FreeCell champion title was held by Flannery.

The set didn't get wi-fi until July 2006 so it took a lot of time for the cast to get used to it. Pam plays in the second episode of the first season.

5. The many Post-it Notes

A shot of accounting, where a large Post-It with a doodle on it can be see.

Original Angela Kinsey artwork. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

While in-office scenes or confessionals were being filmed, background actors had time to kill. They would pass notes and draw on paper.

The accounting corner was famous for passing Post-it Notes, and if you look closely you can see some on display. In the second episode of the first season, Kinsey spotted a yellow Post-it in the accounting area.

She said she could make out the yellow Post-it note at six minutes and 40 seconds. Other Post-it Notes can be seen in later episodes.

6. Jim's ET doll

A shot of Jim at his desk where, indeed, a little robed ET stands with his long fingers outstretched.

Jim Halpert phone home. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Did you notice the random doll on Jim's desk in the first three episodes of the show? Kinsey spotted a doll on Halpert's desk. Kinsey and Fischer don't know what's going on with the figurine that has a robe on. There is a mystery.

7. Who's that voice?

A shot of Michael in his car, Lackawanna Coal Mine pamphlet in hand.

Michael on the phone with CREED. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

There are several phone call scenes between the main characters in The Office.

In the pilot, Michael talked to Todd Packer on the phone. The actor who plays Todd Packer later in the show was not the voice of that person. Toby Huss is a friend of Greg Daniels and worked on King of the Hill for years.

Michael is talking to Creed when he calls the Lackawanna Coal Mine to ask if the industrial elevator that goes 300 feet into the earth is a ride. In Season 3, Episode 7, when she tracks down the man she made her last day of work sex pact with, she is on the phone with Kent Zbornak.

8. A special guest

A shot of Hartsock as the travel agent.

Charlie Hartsock, Steve Carell's college pal. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Remember when Michael went to the travel agency to inquire about going to Atlantic City? The travel agent was played by a friend of Steve Carell.

If Hartsock is familiar to you, you may know him from other Steve Carell projects.

9. Kicking Phyllis' car

Jim and Dwight in the parking lot. Dwight is mid-kick, with the caption

Careful, Rainn! Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Over the course of The Office's nine seasons, we have seen a lot of parking lot scenes, but in the early days of the show, the actors' actual cars were featured.

In the 4th episode of the first season, the red car that Dwight kicks in the discussion of alliances with Jim was the one that belonged to Phyllis'.

Phyllis was very worried about it. She went up to Rainn and said, "Listen, it's fine if you kick my car, but don't kick the hub cap." "Just the tire."

Many of our real cars have appeared in the show. They had us move our cars. I think they may have realized that they are liable. Those were our cars when we were young.

10. Feeling hot, hot, hot

Michael and Dwight seen from the backseat of the car.

Michael and Dwight burning up. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

When filming The Office in California, the outside weather was not always in line with the character's wardrobe.

The Office Olympics may have aired in October 2005, but it was filmed in the summer.

There is a full-on camera shot of the dashboard in the car, which shows the actual outside temperature. It says that they are going East and it's 92 degrees.

The episode was shot in the middle of summer and everyone had to pretend to be cold while it was really hot.

11. Magic Mike

Michael covers his face with his hand, fake thumb visible.

Trick thumb alert. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

In Season 2, Episode 13, when Michael explains his corporate credit card was taken away because he spent $82 at a magic shop, did you notice Steve Carell is wearing a fake magic thumb? That's a great addition.

12. Dummies for Dwight

A shot from the scene in which the nametags are obviously backwards.

A mirrored scene...look at the nametag. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

In Season 2, Episode 17 of The Office, Dwight won the salesman of the year award and delivered an emotional acceptance speech.

The cast and crew of the show spent a day at the Universal Studios hotel to film the episode. They filled the auditorium with 100 dummies and hired 400 extras. The wranglers were dressed in suits and carried the fake torsos around the room. The dummies were mostly located on the sides and in the back of the room, but producer Kent Zbornak says you can pick them out of the crowd.

The audience scenes are also changed. The name tags appear to be written backwards because they jump from left to right. The scene is amazing.

13. Fake Oscar on ice

A talking head scene with Jim in which fake Oscar is visible in the background.

Fake Oscar. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

The cast and crew of the show filmed at an ice rink in honor of Michael's birthday. Steve Carell, who was in Blades of Glory, used a stunt skater for some scenes.

Oscar is a very good ice skater, according to Kinsey. The stunt guy that looked like him was a really good figure skater.

He was a famous pairs skater who won a silver medal in the 1982 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, and later placed sixth at the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.

14. Steve's real injury

A photo of Michael's talking head in which he is sporting a bandage as a result of Carell's real injury.

Steve's IRL injury. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Did you know that Steve Carell had a real injury in the "Drug Testing" episode of "The Injury" where Michael accidentally burns his foot on a George Foreman grill?

In a talking head from the second season, you can see that Carell's left ring finger is wrapped in a bandage. He wasn't able to get his wedding ring off because of the wound, which was caused by him jamming his finger playing hockey.

He kept his left hand down a lot during the show. When you watch this episode again, look at how often he hides his left hand.

15. Peep those wall plaques

A screenshot of Michael in which plaques are visible in the background.

One of many personalized plaques in the office. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

During the discussion of Season 2, Episode 21, titled "Conflict Resolution," there were some delightful background details shared by the two people. There are plaques around the office with the names of real people from the crew.

An example of a fun personal touch can be seen in "Conflict Resolution."

There is a plaque next to Steve's head on the pillar. A certificate of participation is what it is. For the first three seasons of the show, Christie was the best boy grip.

Kinsey said there were "Salesman of the Year" and "Humanitarian Award of the Year" plaques that featured the names of crew members.

Kelly noticed that her name wasn't on any of the plaques. There was a new plaque on the wall after Cantley joked.

It's on the pole by Stanley's desk, and it said that Kelly Cantley was complaining that a second assistant director had a plaque with her name on it.

Don't forget to look for more wall Easter eggs on your next watch.

16. The talking head revelation

Jim in a talking head in front of the window.

Jim always gets a window seat. Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

A lot of thought was put into the location of each talking head when talking about conflict resolution.

When a fan asked Greg Daniels why Jim was the only character with a talking head filmed in front of the window, he gave the answer.

I asked him if it was intentional. Was it something that happened? It was something Randall Einhorn suggested to Greg and he loved it.

The idea was that any character that had a future outside of Dunder Mifflin or held some type of internal optimism would sit in front of a window leading out into the world.

The trend of filming talking heads from his desk remained consistent throughout the series.

17. Can Jim play Call of Duty or not?

A photo of Jim in his house with the Call of Duty pack on the desk.

We see that Call of Duty game, bro. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

There was a time when the branch got into Call of Duty. Fans spotted a Call of Duty expansion pack on Jim's desk when he threw a barbecue at his home in the second episode of the season. What the hell? Do you play a game or not.

18. The Stamford Jim and Pam

Jim sits in his office chair at the Scranton office.

Stamford Jim and Pam. Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

You might have thought that the writers and crew had moved on from Jim and Pam, but a scene in the Season 3 "Initiation" episode proves otherwise.

There is something special happening in the background of the scene where Jim wheels his chair over to the office. You can see an interaction between Jim and Pam.

"Randall said this was on purpose, and I talked to him about it as well," she said. Jim always stood at reception and talked to Pam in the same way that he stood at the reception. He has his sleeves rolled up like Jim used to. Randall said that was done to keep the Pam/Jim thing in the picture.

19. The Emmys call out

Pam sits at her desk and talks to Michael who is standing at reception, a white board with the Emmy note visible behind them.

Steve was robbed!!!! Credit: Mashable Composite: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Steve Carell didn't win an award for his role in Michael Scott, which is one of the biggest snubs of all time. In the background of Season 3's "Branch Closing" episode, the cast of The Office stated that he should have won.

On Tuesday the 5th, there will be a message on the white board in the accounting department. Steve was robbed.

Two weeks after the 2006 Emmy awards, the episode was filmed. The writing was changed frequently and you should keep an eye on the board.

20. The reappearing shirt

The bachelor party dancer in

The shirt in "Ben Franklin." Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

In the "Ben Franklin" episode of Season 3, Elizabeth, the dancer hired for Bob Vance's warehouse bachelor party, ripped off a shirt that looked a bit familiar. It's the same shirt Pam wore in both "The Dundies" and "Basketball", which makes it hard to remember.

The show's wardrobe supervisor, Carrie Bennett, was reached out to to get the scoop.

Carrie said that this wasn't in the script. When a guest actor is cast at the last minute, she doesn't have time to shop for them. wardrobe designers go into their'retired wardrobe' and this is a bunch of outfits that used to belong to the main cast members.

A distraught-looking Pam talks to the camera in

The shirt in "Basketball." Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

Pam lays a sloppy kiss on Jim at the Dundies in

The shirt in "The Dundies." (First actual kiss shirt!!!!) Credit: The Office / NBC / Netflix

She had to find a shirt that would fit Elizabeth and convert it into a rip away shirt. They had to just go into Pam's old wardrobe because they didn't have time to shop and convert a shirt into a ripped away shirt.

If you've made it to the end of the article, you'll be even more enamored with Office than you were when you first read it. Check out more of the Office Ladies coverage from Mashable.

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