The Division Resurgence is a free-to-play mobile game that was rumored to be in the works a year ago. The company says it will be an open-world, third-personRPG shooter with single-player and co-op modes that let players face off against the environment in story missions.

Resurgence will take place in the same world as The Division and The Division 2 did, but with a different perspective on key story events. The trailer for Resurgence reminds me of the original movie trailer. It does cut out the heartrending story of a family being consumed by illness, which is, you know, probably a good thing.

The trailer for the game says it will be coming to mobile phones soon. The company is planning to run a closed alpha where selected players will be able to test the game.

There is a new free-to-play game in the The Division series. According to leaked information, Heartland will be a battle Royale game. It's understandable why the company wants to make a mobile entry for the franchise. The business of phone-based games is a huge one, and competitors likeEA have been investing a lot in flagship releases for mobile platforms.

The space can sometimes have problems with predatory business models. What types of microtransactions Resurgence will have has not been revealed. The press release states that players can collect and upgrade gear as well as swap signature weapons and gadgets in order to find the best co-op synergy. Who doesn't like playing games for the feeling of friendship? The original Division included a microtransaction system for cosmetics and skins, and mobile games often use upgrade and gear as an opportunity to charge users.

The Verge asked if Resurgence would include any integration with theQuartz NFT platform. It has been confirmed that not every game it is working on will have NFTs, though the company stated earlier this year that it would have more to share onQuartz in the future.