The fourth season of the show, "strange Things."

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Characters are killed off from time to time in the show. Members of its core cast are rarely killed.

Before you read this, please be aware of the following:

The Duffer Brothers came up with a formula to kill off lovable characters once audiences become invested in them.

If you want to kill them off, kill them off.

This has worked well in the past. Barb was killed in the first season. I think Barb was okay. The "justice for Barb" fan movement is silly because we barely got to know her.

The death of season 2 was the most heartbreaking. The death of Bob, who was played by Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings fame, was hard because of his close relationship with the Byers family.

Bob Stranger Things

Bob Newby works for the government.

Credit: Netflix

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The Duffer Brothers killed off a Russian who was trying to help Hopper, Joyce and Murray. The whole Russian plot in Season 3 was silly to me but I was sad that Alexei died. I was going to be expecting it. The formula was becoming obvious.

Almost everyone predicted that Eddie was toast when he was introduced in the fourth season. Everyone would have been fine with Eddie being just another Barb or Alexei.

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Eddie became one of the most likable characters in the entire cast and he was more interesting and engaging than Mike or Jonathan. The formula proved too strong even for him, even though he had a good relationship withDustin.

The show killed him off in one of the most pointless self-sacrifices ever, instead of exploring what might have happened if he had returned to Hawkins. It was sad but more than that was frustrating. I think there are too many characters on this show, but I would trade Eddie for half of them.

Eddie Munson flips the bird

Eddie's name is Eddie.

Credit: Netflix

In the last three seasons, what has Mike done? Jonathan isn't very useful anymore. Steve has had a full and complete character arcs. Everyone would have been impacted by his sacrifice. Eddie was dragged under the rug.

Fans who loved the character Eddie Munson have started a petition on to get him back. The number of people who have signed it is over twenty thousand.

I don't know how this will work. The Duffer Brothers have said that he is dead and gone, which has caused fans to theorize that he might have been a fake death.

Joseph doesn't like his character dying, but he understands.

I don't believe it's fair It fits into the theme of the season, which is that life isn't always easy. It feels like it is more mature. We all want Eddie to get the hero's death he deserves, but it's kind of classier story.

It might be possible. It is a shame to lose such a great character who was never told his full story.

You can sign the petition here.