There are a lot of questions that are not answered by the social media announcement of the new Artificial Intelligence.

According to The Times of London, China's Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center announced the development of a program featuring "artificial intelligence empowering party-building" in a post on Weibo.

In the lead-up to the Chinese Communist Party's July 1 anniversary, the Heifei Center said in a post that its new program would make up for the problem of guaranteeing.

This artificial intelligence can supposedly determine party member loyalty.

RFA's translation of the initial Weibo post reads "making it possible to ascertain the levels of concentration, recognition and mastery of ideological and political education so"

According to the Times, the equipment was tested by reading brain waves and analyzing facial scans while subjects read articles about the CCP. That is quite vague-sounding.

The idea of a mind-reading political artificial intelligence device that tests one's loyalty to party and country sounds a lot like "1984" than it does.

It's true that China doesn't have a monopoly on ominous artificial intelligence.

There are many problems with police use of facial recognition software, as well as a new algorithm developed by the University of Chicago that can reportedly "predict" future crimes.

There's no reason to believe that the development of an artificial intelligence that uses a person's fingerprints to determine their loyalty to a party or nation is a good tool for political oppression.

The Times of London reported that Chinese artificial intelligence can check loyalty.

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