If the Republicans regain control of the lower chamber, they will subpoena records from the January committee.

There is a plan to get revenge on the committee and undermine its findings. Hearings have hurt Donald Trump and his party.

Donald Trump's campaign to overturn the election, Republican lawmakers who supported him, and his determination to lead an armed mob to the Capitol on the day of the riot have all been presented by the committee.

Although they have not had great success responding in real time, the party hopes to change the work of the committee after the elections in November.

A senior GOP staffer on the House Administration Committee said that they will use their oversight responsibilities to review all transcripts and information that the committee has access to.

If Republicans win a majority in the House, they will look to damage the committee's findings.

According to the top Republican on the Administration Committee, Davis, the committee would seek to investigate Pelosi.

Some Republicans wrongly claim that Pelosi was responsible for the riot because she was supposed to make sure there was enough security at the Capitol. Capitol security chiefs make decisions on security based on input from the House Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader.

Pelosi blocked two of McCarthy's choices for the committee.

The two Republicans who sat on the panel were made pariahs in the GOP because of their defiance.

Republicans regretted not having seats on the committee that would allow them to argue their case during the hearings.