Is it possible that wrestling can't get things right? The headscratchers are included with the great decisions.

One of the biggest shows of the year took place in Las Vegas this weekend with Money in the Bank, an extra fifth show among the company's "Big Four" pay-per-views. The MGM Grand Garden Arena has a capacity of around 50,000, which is less than the capacity of Allegiant Stadium.

Money in the Bank has become a company staple because of the highly entertaining human car wreck of multi-person ladder matches and how World Wrestling Entertainment tips its hand when it comes to what stars it wants to push. The spotlight will be on Liv Morgan and Theory in the future. The good precede the bad and evil.

Morgan has been one of the best female wrestlers in the company for a long time but never won a championship. She was given whatever stripes she needed to prove herself inside the squared circle when she joined the company. She wasn't brought down by mundane storylines. She could have been derailed from her career if she had a deal with the Riott squad. Didn't.

She won the Money in the Bank ladder match and was guaranteed a championship match over the next year. Just a few hours later, Morgan picked her spot and handed the former champ a rare loss. You build a champion by delivering on years of momentum.

The positive reaction to her victory shows that the audience is ready for her to win the title. It's good to recognize the work done by the WWE. That is compared to Theory. His talent isn't in question. I saw him wrestle on the independent circuit at the end of last year. The dude can do something. What makes him unique? Liv's personality is clear. The theory has his selfies.

Is he more deserving of vaulting up the card than the other men in the Money in the Bank ladder match? Theory was only in the company for three years, but it seems that Vince McMahon picked it to be the next top star. Tell me how it makes sense to lose an undercard title and be worthy of being one win away from the top belt at the same time. That doesn't happen. The issues with Theory are not limited to the ring.

A teenage girl claimed in August 2020 that Theory sent her inappropriate pictures when she was 13. The girl said Theory demanded she deleted the messages after she received them. Theory's main roster run was canceled and he was "demoted" to the NXT after a few weeks.

He wasn't on the main roster for a long time. Theory didn't comment on the accusations against him. It wasn't like the claims against him weren't taken seriously. He was no longer on TV after they came out. It can't say that it didn't know about the allegations. The company was waiting for the outrage to go away. Now is the time for Theory.