A 16-year-old jumped into a river in Mississippi to save three teenage girls and a police officer from drown after a car drove off a boat launch.

The vehicle with three girls inside went into the Pascagoula River in Moss Point and Corion Evans jumped into the water to save them.

He swam out to help the Moss Point police officer who was struggling in the water.

The car went into the water in the early hours of July 3. He wrote that the girls and the police officer are doing well.

East of Biloxi, is Moss Point.

Evans was called a hero and his courage went unrecognized.

It may have turned into an unimaginable tragedy if he had not risked his own safety.

The person who was in the car when it drove into the water shared a picture of Evans on Facebook and wrote that he saved her life.

She said that the man saved her life before she died. I am so grateful for him.

Marquita Evans praised her son on the social networking site.

Marquita and Corion Evans didn't reply to questions from the news organization.

Marquita Evans said her hero was her. Four lives were saved last night by my son, who risked his own life to save them. I am so proud of you son for not giving up.

The man died after bystanders pulled him from the water.

Louisiana officials say a teen was thrown from a boat and killed in a crash.

Police say that four people were injured in the swim only area of the Arizona river.