How do you feel, Bill? NASA boss Bill Nelson had some choice words to say about China's upcoming space exploration ventures in an interview with a German newspaper.

He told the paper that he was very concerned that China was going to land on the moon and that it would be theirs now.

The NASA Administrator claimed that China stole technology from other countries and that they were planning to destroy satellites. The comments were not taken lightly by China.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that the US side has built a campaign against China's normal and reasonable outer space endeavors.

Moon Wars

There is a lot of international attention on the moon. NASA and the Russia-backed China are both carrying out ambitious lunar missions.

The US' Artemis missions have already experienced their fair share of chaos-caused delays, which could result in Chinese astronauts beating America's to Earth's OG Satellite, a reality that NASA, or at least its top official, must not be too excited about.

The Artemis Accords is a US-led initiative that offers a vision of shared principles to govern the many countries looking to stake new claims in the cosmos. China and Russia are trying to build an alliance that will compete with the America-led effort.

"In contrast with the US lunar exploration project known as the 'Artemis Accords,' which experts believe reveals its 'exclusive nature for mimicking a space-based NATO,'" read the July 3rd opinion piece. China and Russia want to bring advancement for all and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

NASA claims it could take over the moon.

There is a satellite headed towards the moon.