A lot of people liked Stranger Things 4.
Courtesy of Netflix

The most recent season of the hit show, Stranger Things 4, just became the second show ever to surpass a billion hours watched on the streaming service. Since the first episode of the season aired on May 27th, viewers have watched over a billion hours of television. After Squid Game, the second most-watched season ever, is the fourth season ofStranger Things. The company says it was in the top 10 in 93 countries. The show is so popular that it is boosting the older seasons, too, with only The Umbrella Academy able to keep up with the demand.

It is difficult to understand the measurement system of the streaming service. The service tracks how many people watch a show in the first 28 days after it's released, but that's only one part of the story.

Stranger Things 4 vaulted to the top of Netflix’s all-time most-viewed lists — but only for English shows.
Image: Netflix

You could argue that the success of Stranger Things shows how big Squid Game really was, because it was viewed more than 1.65 billion times. The most recent two episodes still have a few weeks to catch up with viewer hours, but they won't be counted in the first set of episodes. The longer episodes give the show a better chance at the top spot. The measurement is hard to understand.

You shouldn't read too much into the details other than to say that the current season of the show is very popular. The show will end next season and it is very good. You should expect the company to keep pulling out all the stops in order to make people care about what happens in Hawkins, Indiana.

You can only assume that it's going to be a big hit.