Entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend the weekly event to learn how to build better ventures. Front and Okta's Frederic Kerrest spoke to unconventional investors, as did Deel's Alex Bouaziz and a16z' Anish Acharya. Forethought won the Startup Battlefield with their pitch deck.

It's free to join, ask questions and apply for Pitch Practice, a segment of the event where the audience can pitch their startup to the event's guests and get feedback on how to improve their presentation

The event is better now.

The event is going to switch platforms. Our new online platform gives attendees access to all of the TechCrunch Live events with just one registration. If you register here, you will be able to add TCL events to your calendar for free.

It is easy to apply for pitch practice. This form can be used to apply for a pitch practice on a wednesday. The startup will be notified by email an hour prior to the event. If you are selected for a single event, please apply for future events as well. We want companies to give feedback more than once.

TechCrunch Live is a weekly show on the internet. It is understandable that some viewers will not be available. Past episodes can be found on all major platforms.

We would love to have you join us for future events. Tell us about the show. Don't leave it here.