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The fix is already in for the elections in November. They say Democrats will cheat again.

The claims are not true.

Carol Ross, host of "The Ross Report," questioned how Democrats could win a presidential election after a few years in power. She said that they would have to cheat again. You're aware of that. There will be a lot of cheating

In South Carolina, Charlie James, a host on 106.3 WORD, argued that the Democrats are going to lose a majority during the election if they cheat.

Steve K. Bannon, the former adviser to Donald J. Trump who was indicted for refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the House committee investigating the January Capitol riot, summed it up this way.

The nation was introduced to a lot of false claims about voter fraud after Mr. Trump lost the election. During the hearings on the Capitol riot, the extent of his efforts has been outlined a number of times.

The torch for Mr. Trump's conspiracy theories has been carried by Republican politicians. The loudest and most consistent booster of these false voter fraud claims has been talk radio, where conservative hosts use a two-word slogan: "Democrats cheat"

“These people are not going to sit by and just accept the big loss. They have the same poll numbers we do. What are they going to do? They're going to cheat.” “The Democrats will hold on to the House and the Senate and the gubernatorial races, where they'll be able to cheat in the 2024 election. That’s the plan.” “Now they’re going to do everything they can to cheat in the election.” “They’re going to get smoked so bad it’s going to be embarrassing, if they can’t cheat. They got to be able to cheat, and the way they got to do that is with mail-in ballots.” “So they don't think they're going to be able to cheat to win in the same respects and in the same numbers that they did last time. Because they did last time.” “Half of following these Democrats around after elections is stomping out their new ways of cheating. No, you can't cheat that way — no, you can't cheat that way.”

According to an analysis of data from Critical Mention, there were more than 5,000 mentions of "Democrats cheating" on syndicated radio shows and local broadcasts this year. Critical Mention tracked the number of times similar ideas were mentioned on television shows.

Despite the rise of social media, radio is still the most influential conduit for right-wing thought. Millions of people nationwide listen to it every day. Talk radio channels that air political commentary 24 hours a day get less scrutiny than other mass media. Talk radio's on-air musings disappear over the air in an instant, making it hard to analyze and moderate.

Lewis A. Friedland is a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You don't know how pervasive it is or how powerful it really is. Radio stations in Wisconsin play extreme right-wing propaganda five or six hours a day.

Conservative radio hosts and their networks defended the false statements when asked about them. There have been examples of voter fraud in the past. The polling results for the Democrats raised concerns about the integrity of the election.

The vice president of news and talk programming at the Christian and conservative Salem Radio Network said that a host, guest or caller might be forgiven if they wondered if cheating was necessary to win.

Radio networks didn't respond to requests for comment.

Liberal commentators have claimed that Republicans cheated or will cheat again. Democrats raised doubts about the election's integrity due to voter suppression. After the election, there was a petition titled: "Don't Let Georgia Republicans Cheat and Steal the Governor's Mansion."

Conservative radio hosts have painted Ms.Abrams' efforts to improve voter access as a way to enable cheating as she campaigns for the office again this year.

The All-American Radio host and guest on "The Joe Piscopo Show" said that the extension of the time that people can vote and drop off their ballots is a reason why Georgia's Democratic candidate for governor is doing this. You and I are not allowed to say that they cheated.

A single false or misleading claim can quickly reach audiences from coast to coast when shows like "The Joe Piscopo Show" are distributed by major syndicators.

The only way the Democrats can win again is if they cheat, according to Mike. The show could reach hundreds of markets through the Salem Radio Network.

Measures to improve voter access were the focus of many of the false claims. Attempts to expand vote-by-mail options or ballot drop-off locations were considered to be cheating by conservative commentators.

Radio networks cracked down on election fraud after the Capitol attack. Cumulus Media, which owns and operates 406 radio stations, said in a memo that hosts couldn't talk about "stolen elections" on their networks. Several shows distributed through Westwood One have claimed that Democrats will cheat in the election.

The host of a radio show gave a dire warning about the upcoming elections. He said that they would try to steal the election. They are going to attempt to do that. Right now, you are seeing it.

The increasing popularity of mail-in voting meant that Democrats almost always win, warned another radio host.

Many false attacks focused on a company that was accused of tampering with election results after Mr. Trump lost his re- election bid. Mentions of the company plummeted after the company filed a lawsuit accusing several groups, including Fox News, of lying about it. Many states allow third parties to collect and return ballots and the radio hosts implied that Democrats would cheat by expanding mail-in voting.

Mentions of Dominion Voting Systems, an election technology company that was accused of tampering in the 2020 election, plummeted by January 2021.

There is a critical mention.

The New York Times is a daily newspaper in the United States.

A professor at New York University and publisher of Inside Music Media said, "You don't get as specific as a particular company so they can't come back and lawsuit you." He said that the shift in strategy allowed them to continue with the misinformation that their audience just loves.

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These races are important. The balance of power in Congress could be decided by this year's races, hobbling President Biden's agenda for the rest of his term. The G.O.P. kingmaker will be tested by Donald J. Trump. This is what to know.

The elections are called the mid-term elections. The name of the midterms is due to the fact that they take place at the halfway point of a president's term. All 435 House seats, 35 of the 100 Senate seats, and 36 of 50 governor's seats are up for grabs this year.

What do the results of the elections mean for Biden? Democrats have had a hard time passing Mr. Biden's agenda. The president would have a hard time getting his legislative goals accomplished.

There are races to watch. Only a few seats will determine if Democrats retain control of the House over Republicans, and a single state could change control of the Senate. There are a number of races to watch in the House and Senate.

The key races are happening. The primary gauntlet is getting started. There were races in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia in May. The general election takes place in November.

You should go deeper. Redistricting affects the elections. Polling works how? Do you know how to register? Here, we have more answers to your questions.

There is a line between detailing specific claims of stolen elections and offending advertisers or executives.

The actor Joe Piscopo doesn't want to talk about it. You can't say 'election' and then you can't say 'fraud' after that. You can say that it was purchased. I have phrases like'shenanigans' or 'we're not sure what happened'.

A caller to the show suggested that Republicans could cheat in order to keep up with Democrats.

He said his gut said yes to that. My brain doesn't say yes.

There were many voter fraud claims from the 2020 election, including a report that nearly 20,000 votes were received late in Arizona. With election fraud, especially vote-by-mail, you won't have proof.

Listeners can give live feedback on radio. It can give anyone a chance in the national spotlight for off-the- cuff remarks and build the appearance of consensus for election conspiracy theories. Some of the strongest claims of voter fraud were made by callers.

“Because it doesn’t matter how good of a candidate the Republicans put out, they’re not going to win because the Democrats got that cheat game down.” “We know the Democrats are going to cheat their asses off. So what are we doing to stop that?” “I wonder if a lot of conservatives didn’t want to show up on this primary because they didn’t want to give a hint to the Democrats how much they had to cheat.” “This system was set up to cheat. It really was. And it was set up by the Democrats to cheat.”

There is no penalty for having people on the air. There is at least one benefit. More people call in and listen if you can skirt the extremes.

Commentators are concerned with the consequences of their cheating claims as the mid-terms approach.

The callers said that elections are rigged by Democrats so that their votes don't matter. In response, radio hosts have urged Republicans to vote in larger numbers so that a Democratic cheat wouldn't work.

According to Michael Berry, a radio host based in Houston, the Democrats have convinced a lot of people that it isn't worth it to vote.

Jack D'Isidoro made the audio.