There will be nude people swimming together in one place at one time on the Treasure Coast.

The Treasure Coast Naturists plan to attempt to break last year's record of 431 people skinny dipping at Blind Creek Beach.

2,505 women in Ireland set a world record for the largest skinny dip in June of last year.

Roadside attractions in Florida are still worth a visit.

A 60-year-old surfer in Florida is chasing a world record.

The man broke the Guinness record hours before his mother died.

A 12-year-old boy from Florida caught a big fish off Africa.

Visit Florida says that the nude beach is one of three in Florida. In addition to Haulover Beach in Miami, the other two are Apollo Beach in Daytona Beach and Playalinda Beach in Titusville.

Blind Creek is near the nuclear power plant. The 36 acres of beach within the park became a clothing-optional beach in June 2020.

The action made the county responsible for the upkeep of the nude beach and for paying for restroom use. There are portable toilets but no paved parking.

Farm-to-table dinners are served at 11 local restaurants.

There are many hot dog joints on the Treasure Coast.

Wawa is a local food spot at a gas station.

After seeking approval from several state departments, the county has been working on the permitting for a bathroom, showers, paved parking and driveway. They can't say when the project will be finished.

The nude beach at Blind Creek had been maintained by the Treasure Coast Naturists since 2004.

Friends of Blind Creek Beach is a nonprofit organization.

  • The golden rule needs to be applied. Textile world conduct should be the same as nude beach conduct. Consider and practice politeness.

  • It's important to respect the privacy of other people. Give people a decent distance if there is a lot of space. When you're not welcome, recognize it.

  • Don't walk on the sand. It's important to respect wildlife and the environment. Humans were never meant to be there.

  • Don't endanger the natural habitat with fire, pollution or even dangerous food items.

  • Sexual activity in public is against the law. When inconsiderate people violate lewdness prohibitions, your beach neighbors may call the police.

  • The beach needs to be cleaned and the trash removed. Don't carry cigarette butt. Leave only footprints if you pack it in and pack it out.

  • There are no containers on the beach. Don't bring breakable containers. It's a good idea to practice safety.

  • Pets are not allowed on the beach

  • Don't generate noise pollution. Earphones are good for keeping radio volume low.

  • Common courtesy is exercised with cameras. People should not be photographed without their consent. If you ask first, you'll practice politeness. Don't take pictures of children but your own.

  • It is just as rude to gossip as it is clothed. Don't allow this uncivil behavior to continue.

  • Before you leave the beach areas, wear a dress. There is a trail and a parking lot.

  • If you walk along the shoreline, you won't have to kick up sand as you pass other people.

Skinny dip

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Nudists attempt to break a skinny dip record.