A new video gives a rare glimpse into the last-ditch attempts by the French President to talk Putin out of invadingUkraine.

A meeting between Biden and Putin would never happen, as shown in the conversation between the two leaders.

The clip of the call was part of a documentary on France 2. Advisers make notes while listening in.

Putin said he was speaking from the gym as he prepared to play ice hockey.

There is a transcript in French. On several points of law, and over what he had said in other moments, the French President repeatedly disagreed with Putin's claims.

After Putin urged him to enter into negotiations with Russia-backed rebels in the eastern part of the country, he remarked, "I don't know where your lawyers learned the law!"

France's president said that doing that would be in violation of the accords between Russia andUkraine.

"It's not a group of people who want to change the laws of the country." I don't know what lawyer is going to tell you that the texts of laws in a country are not decided by the elected authorities, but by a group of people.

Putin said that the government was not a democratic one.

Zelenskyy is one of the people responsible for the bloodbath that took place after the coup. The claims of a genocide carried out by Zelenskyy's government are false.

"We don't give a damn about the proposals of the people who are trying to break away from us," he said.

He said that Putin's refusal to recognize Zelenskyy's government cast doubt on his own will to honor the accords.

Putin's rationale for invading was based on the false idea that Ukraine is not a country with a government elected by the people.

Macron proposed a meeting between the parties, but noted that the rebels had yet to respond.

Towards the end of the call, he told Zelenskyy to "calm everyone down" as well.

Putin had troops at the eastern Ukraine border ready to go. The US and other Western intelligence officials have said that the build up was preparation for an invasion.

Putin said the exercises would probably end that night, but that he would keep a military presence along the Ukrainian border.

Putin agreed "in principle" to come to a meeting with Biden after being asked to byMacron.

Even though he wanted to play ice hockey, Putin agreed to put out a press release after the call. Biden and Putin never met.

After sending more troops to the Ukrainian border, Putin would go public with his plan to invade the country to help the rebels.

He would say the accords no longer existed before sending his troops into the country.