Vivianne Miedema, Lauren Hemp and Marie-Antoinette Katoto
Vivianne Miedema (left), Lauren Hemp (centre) and Marie-Antoinette Katoto (right) are expected to be stars at this summer's tournament
Host country: England Dates: 6-31 July
Coverage: All 31 games will be shown live across the BBC. Click here for more information

The Netherlands won the European title. Is England going to win a major tournament at home? France is supposed to live up to expectations.

Who will win, who will finish top scorer, and which team could surprise are some of the predictions made by the experts.

Will England deliver on home soil?

Manager Sarina Wiegman calls on England players to 'make everyone proud'

Willie Kirk was the former manager ofEverton.

The winner is England.

Their strength in depth is at an all time high. Any starting XI from that squad would be a match for most countries, and I'm sure Sarina will get her selection and tactics right for each match.

Alex Scott used to play for England.

The winner is England.

I'm pretty sure that England will win the Euros. They have good players and a new manager. It is all there for England to win.

The manager of the football team.

The winner is Spain.

The team from Spain is very good. A lot of the players from Barcelona are used to winning a lot of trophies. They were unfortunate to be knocked out of the World Cup by the USA.

Reshmin's name is Reshmin.

The winner is England.

I can't think of anything else besides England. They're playing mostly how they want at the tournament. They have top-class options in almost every position. There is something unique about this group.

Fara Williams was an Englishman.

The winner is England.

England have a fantastic manager and will have the home crowd behind them. They have just won the Arnold Clark Cup against strong nations, SarinaWiegman has won the tournament before as Netherlands manager and has definitely changed England's mentality. They have a lot of good players.

Gail Redmond captained Northern Ireland.

The winner is Norway.

It gives Norway the goals and she is a difference maker. She can get them over the edge. They can go far in this tournament if they galvanise themselves.

Laura Georges is a former France player.

The winner is either England or France.

France are my team, my country and they have experienced players as well as young, talented players but England are going to be a really good host and team.

Sue Smith is a former England player.

The winner is England.

The home tournament will bring pressure but may also give them the extra boost they need. Anyone can be beaten by England. They have a top manager who knows how to win a home Euros and a competitive squad with a lot of exciting young talent.


What would be considered a success for England?

This England team is pretty sturdy - Williamson

England would win the trophy if they got to the final. The team and those players are used to being under a lot of pressure but that is no longer the case. They should be winning the tournament because of the amount of investment.

To be considered a success, they need to get to the final. The players will thrive under the pressure of a home tournament, that's for sure.

England needs to win something now. In 2009, we made it to the final. We have all the support we need to win a tournament.

If they don't make the final, it would be considered a failure. I believe they need to. If we don't get there, it will be one million percent a failure.

It has to be seen as a success for England. They have gotten so close. It's a home tournament, so it brings that pressure, but I think the difference is that Sarina is better at handling that pressure. The tournament won't be won in the first two games, but she has the know-how to do that after that.

What are Northern Ireland's aims?

Highlights: Northern Ireland 2-0 Ukraine

We know that it is an uphill struggle. We know we won't have a lot of possession, but we know we can hang around. If they progressed from the group, there would be knighthoods and Damehoods for everyone.

The experience will be more important than the points in this group, according to Willie Kirk. They will be hungrier to qualify for future tournaments if they win all three games.

They won't be able to make up the numbers at the Euros. They are interested in competing. The players have been full-time for the past seven months so it will definitely help. It's going to be difficult but they can build upon it.

Alex Scott said that sometimes he could go out and play without any pressure. It's about not being overawed by the occasion, they have a fighting spirit and some great players.

Who are the stars to look out for?

The rise of Barcelona's Alexia Putellas

Lauren Hemp is from England. She is very similar to Messi. She makes you happy every time she plays. I think she will be great. Pernille Harder is one of the top performers for the Danes.

Fara Williams is looking forward to seeing Lauren Hemp. She's a great player. Hegerberg won the European title with Lyon and came into the tournament after that. I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do.

  • Ada Hegerberg: How crucial is Norway striker's return before the Euros?

Laura wants to see howda pushes the others. I think she's going to be a big star. She can be great if she plays with no pressure.

Alex Scott has two other people with them. We're used to seeing Miedema in the Women's Super League, but seeing her in the Euros is going to be special.

Who will spring a surprise?

I feel like a little kid again when I play football - Hegerberg on her return

Willie Kirk said thatIceland wouldn't win it, but they could leave a lasting impression. They have a number of players scattered across some of the top clubs in Europe so they can pick up some results.

Some of the players in Norway are in great shape. Guro has been 888-609- 888-609- 888-609- Their squad depth may be the only thing that lets them down. If they can keep their starting XI together, then they have a good chance.

Laura said to watch out for Austria. There are good players at both of them. They were a surprise in the last Euros and I think we need to keep an eye on them.

With the return of Ada Hegerberg and their offensive powers, Norway can cause a problem.

Who will finish top goalscorer?

Willie Kirk said that he was referring to either Marie-Antoinette or Vivianne Miedema.

Sue Smith and Ellen White are related.

Ellen White's name is Reshmin Chowdhury.

Fara Williams and ADA Hegerberg are related.

Laura was named after Marie-Antoinette.

Alex Scott is talking to Ellen White.

The person is Gail Redmond.

The name of the person is Jonas Eidevall.

Ellen White (England)3
Vivianne Miedema (Netherlands)3
Marie-Antoinette Katoto (France)2
Ada Hegerberg (Norway)1