The wreckage of Zhou Guanyu's car is lifted away
The race was red flagged after Zhou's Alfa Romeo vaulted the barriers at the first corner

George Russell believes that Formula 1 needs to learn from the crash that happened at the British Grand Prix.

Zhou was stuck in the car for a while after the accident as rescue crews struggled to get to him.

Russell said the crash was frightening and terrible for the fans nearby.

There is a car stuck in a fine gap.

He was stuck in the gap between the barriers and the metal fence. Russell is a Director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association.

After a multi-car first-lap pile-up, Zhou rested on the far side of a barrier, resting against some catch fencing.

The Chinese driver's crash was caused by a collision between Russell and Alpha Tauri's Pierre Gasly which tipped the Mercedes into a spin.

Zhou's car was thrown into the air by the impact-absorbing barrier after flipping and skidded through the gravel trap.

Zhou, who was taken to the medical centre but later released having been declared uninjured, said he believed he had become the latest driver to be saved by the halo head protection device.

He said he's glad he's okay after the crash. I owe my thanks to the marshals and the medical team at the track for their quick response, as well as the work they have done, and they keep doing, to improve the safety of our cars," he said.

It shows that every step we take in improving our cars has real, valuable results.

All serious accidents are investigated by the governing body of theFIA. The spokesman said the FIA couldn't comment until the process was finished.

Alex Albon was taken to the hospital after he was catapulted into the pit wall at the first corner after being rammed by Sebastian Vettel's car.

The helicoptered driver was released from the hospital.

Everyone else involved in the first-lap incident is fine.

I would like to thank the medical staff at the track and hospital.

The race ended before it began, but we are already focused on Austria. The next one should be brought on.

British GP
Following a huge crash at the start Zhou ended up stuck between the catch-fencing and the barrier - he was declared uninjured by medics