Why would anyone ruin a great potato salad?

The person asked who brought the salad.

The person in my family asked who brought the potato salad. There is no macaroni salad There is no pasta salad Green salad is not on the menu. Green salad was a thing when I was about 20.

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With the summer in full swing, you can expect to see a lot of potato salad. What's the reason? Potato salad is the second most popular cookout dish according to a survey.

A good potato salad has a few ingredients, like mayonnaise, eggs, a little mustard, celery, salt and pepper to taste, and maybe a secret ingredient or two that an aunt also used. If you are in charge of the salad, bring your A game. Best bring, which as we all know, is as serious as it gets, is not "better bring" or "hope to bring"

Nice, creamy, potato salad (Alpha, Flickr Creative Commons)
Nice, creamy, potato salad (Alpha, Flickr Creative Commons)

You only hear if you forget to say "Amen" after the preacher when someone tries to up their potato salad game. You don't want to add these items to your potato salad.

The first rule of potato salad is to eat walnuts. The thing doesn't crunch. Some bougie recipes call for walnuts. Add walnuts if you want to get the side-eye from a bunch of people. It would be avoided by me. The rule is "no nuts of any kind".

When I was a child, my grandmother and aunt used to say "raisins/dried cranberries" when I did stupid things. My grandma said, "You out yo' mine?" It sounded like "mine" when she said it. My aunt asked the child toplease. I knew I was in trouble when their voices went up an extra digit. I heard voices in my head when someone put raisins in potato salad at a party. Thank you, honey child, please. It looked like a lot of rabbit turds in the salad. Time for side-eye.

Snacks? Yes. Potato salad? No. (Jenn Durfey, Flickr Creative Commons)

It is a good day to have fruit. There is a person named peaches. There are plums in this picture. I like cherries. The salad doesn't include fruit. Imagine how confused I was when my friend said there was a pineapple potato salad. The editor has made a note of it. I thought it was a lie, until I found out. There is a debate over whether you should grill the pineapple first or just use diced fruit from a can. When Omkalen saw pineapple in this dish, he said it was the best. There is no potato salad. My aunt would say, "Honey child, please"

Looks tasty but not in potato salad (David Loong, Flick Creative Commons)

I like salads that are basic and a little relish can be ok. I used to think gherkins were mythical creatures. Cucumbers are used to make cornichons. There are a lot of reasons you shouldn't eat cornichons in your salad. Would you eat a whole cucumber in your salad? Nobody will have any extra baby cornichons if you need them at the last minute because they won't know what they're made of.

There are peas. Peas are called for in South Africa's potato salad recipes. I don't want to insult anyone's cultural preference but, you out yo mine? Peas are rumored to be good for a few things. Peas are not good for salads. Peas are my least favorite. I can't imagine getting a nice forkful of creamy salad and biting into a vegetable I used to dump in the toilet to convince my mom I ate them. One more item is left.

There's a lot of cheese. If they are baked, scalloped, or pan- fried, cheese goes with them. Chunks of cheese don't fit in potato salad. When someone tries to get fancy with gorgonzola, which is a blue cheese, it makes the taste off. There is cheese in salad mixes Don't let them be separated.

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