The Secretary of Health and Human Services thinks the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion won't last very long.

I know that nothing is ever completely safe. "So this country has a way to go, because we haven't been able to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, and so we have a long way to go," he said. I don't think the decision by this court is going to last.

He said that this is not America. We don't want to take rights. Most people around the world don't think of the U.S. as the beacon of light because of what we do. It's the opposite. I'm confident that we'll get through this.

The Supreme Court decided last month to overturn the landmark decision that made abortion legal. Several states have made it illegal to have an abortion.

Democrats raised over 80 million dollars in the week after the decision was made. Democrats who are frustrated should give the administration ideas on how to codify the decision into federal law, according to the man. Legislation protecting women's reproductive rights should be passed by Congress, he said.

He said on Sunday that they would explore everything they could. They would be asked to pass a law. It's in their power if they can find the votes to codify the decision. The action was taken at the executive level.