Donald Trump will be indicted for his role in the insurrection, according to a former federal prosecutor.

Kirschner said in a video that guns have been smoking around Donald Trump for a long time. Donald Trump has not been charged with a crime yet.

It will change. If we care about our democracy, it has to change. He will be charged with a crime.

Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to MarkMeadows, gave potentially damning testimony earlier this week.

Several shocking claims that stunned former Trump aides were made by Hutchinson in her testimony before the House January 6 committee. She said that Trump was in favor of hanging Mike Pence.

She said that Trump made a lot of effort to get to the Capitol even though they were told to take him somewhere else. Hutchinson said that he lunged forward at the driver and grabbed at the Secret Service agent's throat in order to get them to the Capitol.

She said that Trump urged the Secret Service to remove metal detectors.

The president said something to the effect of "I don't care that they have weapons". They are here to help me. The mags should be taken away. The people can march to the Capitol from here.

Trump denied many of Hutchinson's claims after she testified.

One police officer was killed in the Capitol riot. The Proud Boys are a hate group and were also present.

Despite Joe Biden's election victory, organizers were encouraged by Trump's calls to protest. While members of Congress were meeting in the Capitol to certify the results and verify Biden's electoral win, Trump supporters staged an attempted coup.