Musk and his children just took a picture with the Pope and it looked weird.

The billionaire broke a long absence from the site by posting a picture of four of his children standing next to Pope Francis. There were almost certainly rules about not touching the Pope, but one of the young people was able to thrust a victorious fist in the air.

Musk is posing as a Secret Service member on the first day of work because he forgot to take four inches off his pants.

Welcome Back

A lot of Musk's followers were happy to see him back on social media.

An obvious fan said "welcome back" Didn't see you. Without you, it was getting dull. The presence of you makes it an exciting place to be.

The kid who's been following Musk's private plane for months with an automated account despite previous bribes was less enthusiastic.

In response to Musk's photo, the plane company said, "Saw it coming."

The account said that Musk's jet landed in Italy after a long flight.

The video shows a self- driving car head into traffic.