There was a large hole in the left wing of an A380 that came from a bolt in the nose gear.

When the large hole came to light during an inspection after landing in Brisbane, the large hole in the A380-800 was spotted by the pilot.

According to Avherald, the crew members told the tower that there was a blown tire on the plane. Emergency services were requested after the crew members suspected the damage.

The aircraft may have sustained damage during takeoff before landing on the runway. The aircraft got stuck on the runway.

Missing bolt and cap at the nose gear on Emirates A380. Image via Twitter

The large hole was found on the underside of the plane.

The three-year-old aircraft with the "Journey to the Future" livery was unable to leave for its return flight because it was not ready for takeoff.

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Emirates Premium Economy

At the Arabian Travel Market, the full Premium Economy offering was introduced. The new cabin class on the A380 will be available to customers from the 1st of August. Sir Tim Clark is the president of the airline.

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LATAM Airbus A320 Lands With Nose Gear Rotated by 90 Degrees

There was an emergency landing at the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport on March 29th, with the nose gear locked. The registration CC-BAS was on the A320-200 that was climbing out of the runway at Medellin.

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From the A380 Cockpit: Learning to Fly a Behemoth

The A380 is the biggest airliner in the world and must be considered the epitome of a pilot's career. I posed this question to the two A380 training captains. They said yes at the beginning.

It was in the A380.