The parents of Brian Laundrie tried to have the lawsuit against them dismissed.

The Petito's parents have an emotional distress lawsuit against them. Christopher and Roberta Laundrie are accused of hiding their knowledge of their son's murder.

The Laundries' statement was callous and cruel, if they knew that Gabby was dead, and her parents were looking for her.

Prior to her death, she and Brian Laundrie had been documenting their travels on social media in a van. Laundrie's family reported his fiancée missing after he came home without her. Shortly before Petito's body was found, Laundrie vanished after being named a person of interest. Laundrie killed himself after admitting to the murder in a notebook.

The Laundries have been accused by Petito's parents of knowing about Brian's death but failing to tell them. According to the lawsuit, Brian's parents hired an attorney and tried to get him out of the country after he killed Gabby. The lawsuit states that Laundrie's mother blocked Petito's mother on her phone while they were on vacation.

The Laundries were aware of the mental suffering and anguish the Petitos were going through and knew how they could alleviate it.

Steve Bertolino said that the Laundries had no obligation to speak to law enforcement or the Petito family. They moved to dismiss the lawsuit because they argued that they had the right not to speak.

The lawsuit can move forward now that the motion to dismiss has been ruled against. The Laundries said they hoped the search for Miss Petito would be successful and that she would be back with her family.