It was weird before but now it is even weirder.

June 21 was the last time the billionaire sent a message on social media. He flew to Rome, Italy last night after spending much of the last ten days in Austin, Texas.

We don't know why Musk is staying away from the very social media platform he's trying to buy. The most plausible theories are here.

Busy With Tesla

This is interesting. A challenging second quarter is coming to a close, withTesla racing to meet targets while reshuffling and reorganizing many of its operations.

Musk's ruthless approach to his managerial duties has been taken away by the company. He decided to cut 10% of its workforce because he had a bad feeling about the economy.

Even though the offices were ill-prepared for the influx of returning employees, he threatened fulltimers to either come back to the office or face consequences.

Musk is too busy trying to rein in the spending of his company before the economy starts to nosedive.

He may think that market conditions are hard for him to get serious for a while. He said last month that the company's factories were wasting Billions of dollars.

In an interview at the time, Musk said that the Berlin and Austin factories were huge money furnace. It should be the sound of money on fire.

Tesla Stocks

It's related but not the same. The valuation of the company has suffered due to Musk's off-the-cuff leadership style and his failed attempt to acquire the company.

The numbers are ugly. The stock market fell 38 percent in the third quarter, which may have been the wakeup call Musk needed.

Twitter Saga

It's possible that the bird site is involved. Musk has made his personal megaphone for over a decade, which made his attempts to purchase the social media platform all the more noteworthy

The acquisition hasn't gone smoothly, with Musk looking for increasingly desperate ways out of the deal as the economy and his own car company are going through tough times.

The deal is on shaky ground. It would look like it. There are unresolved matters surrounding the deal, Musk told the audience at the forum.

The Abortion Debate

The US Supreme Court's decision to strike down the abortion law of Wade will cause a public health disaster.

Musk has shied away from commenting on a woman's right to abortion. He claims that the only way to save humanity is to have more children and move people to Mars.

Trans Daughter

It was the same day that Musk's daughter revealed that she wants to change her name to better reflect her gender identity and also to ditch any association she had with Musk.

Musk's daughter stated in her name change application that she no longer wanted to be related to her father.

That is a difficult family situation. Musk is taking a break from social media because he might be trying to heal that relationship.

SpaceX Drama

Musk has been accused of some questionable behavior, including sexual harassment, by an employee who was reportedly paid a settlement by the company.

During the week leading up to Musk's break, employees of the company wrote an open letter calling him out for his bizarre behavior and for failing to fulfill the team's zero-tolerance sexual harassment policies.

The employees were fired immediately for speaking their minds.

Journey to Mars

Despite of Musk's busy schedule, the space company has made major strides towards sending its huge spaceship into space for the first time.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave the go-ahead for the launch of one of the largest rocket stages ever built, despite some conditions being put in place to protect the environment.

It's likely that Musk is also going down with the company.

Where's Musko?

It's odd for the richest man in the world to disappear. Even though he is able to contribute to the conversation, Musk has never shied away from wading into almost any debate, no matter how little he contributes.

The richest person in the world is wondering if this year's second quarter is too much. What is likely to be a global economic downturn of disastrous proportions is what Musk is likely to hunker down for.

We can't do anything about his next move.

Musk's company fires 200 people working on self- driving tech.