The pending divorce rests on the shoulders of Kevin Durant, who made a bombshell on the eve of free agency that he wants out.

The Nets will try to accommodate the forward's request to be traded. They won't let him go. They expect to get something back.

The four-year contract with nearly $200 million left on it doesn't have a no-trade clause for KD. The Nets can send him wherever they want.

Some people think that the Nets should just keep him and make him honor his contract. The Nets made the correct decision. Someone who doesn't want to be around is who we want. Nobody has any sense.

It wasn't like the Nets won three titles since he injured his ankle.

The Nets bent over backwards to make him feel comfortable and give him a chance to add to his championship resume.

KD took the easy way out instead of fighting back from a failed season and a lot of criticism. He did the same thing in Oklahoma. The Golden State Warriors were the best team in the league and he joined them. Brooklyn wasn't perfect and the Nets had a lot of bumps and injuries along the way. If he had any ability, he would have returned it one more time. It was his chance to show people that he is a good leader.

He had to think that his team would be healthy. The player would be playing for a large amount of money. Ben Simmons could return to his former form. Nick Harris is a three-point sharpshooter. The Nets would have had a chance to contend for a title if the MASH unit had been around.

The Nets were denied a wish list with the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat. The teams were the top seeds this year.

The move was cut and run. He lost a lot of respect for the game.

This isn't on the team. They did their job.

It was Irving who messed things up. He wanted to play for the team he grew up cheering for. He was bringing the player with him.

The Nets, who haven't won a championship since their ABA days with Dr. J, would have been crazy not to welcome in the two stars.

Two of the best players in the league give you a chance to win a title.

The Nets kept up with their end of the bargain. Steve Nash was hired as a coach. They agreed on him. When James Harden was about to leave Houston, the Nets put everything they had in the cupboard to get the scoring machine.

Brooklyn has not had a championship since the 1955 Dodgers.

The team was injured more than buzzer-beatingers.

They should have won it two years ago. The first two games were played in Brooklyn. Harden was hurt in the first game of the series. Irving was hurt in the third game of the series. It was basically a one man band. Pull it off.

KD hit a game-winning three-pointer in the 7th game of the series. His toe was on the ground. The Nets lost at home in overtime.

The wheels fell off this year.

Harden was traded to Philadelphia. Irving was only allowed to play road games because he didn't have a vaccine.

Then he was injured again. The Nets were swept out of the playoffs in the first round by the Celtics who went on to win the title.

The next season was a chance for KD to prove everyone wrong. He proved everyone wrong. The Nets aren't to blame.