Taking great photos is only a small part of a photographer's job. It can take up a lot of time to run a successful business. That is the problem Wirestock is trying to solve, and the company just landed an important deal to broaden its distribution.

According to Wirestock, it is the only platform that can automate all the manual steps needed to sell online. Content creators can use an instant shop and a content distribution platform to make their content available on a number of platforms. Video footage and art distribution are also offered.

The Wirestock platform has 100,000 contributors and 3 million pieces of content. iStock is included in the deal. The young startup already had distribution agreements with Adobe Stock and others.

The CEO of Wirestock told me that they had been getting requests from creators who wanted to sell their content on iStock. We are thrilled for this partnership. It will help generate more income for content creators and lead to more amazing photos and videos being uploaded and distributed through our platform.

The adoption of Wirestock has been rapid. The company has raised more than $3 million to date, most recently with a seed round in January.

The featured image on this post is one of the strangest stock photos I have ever taken.