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The company raised $5.5 million for cloud storage and streaming of 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality content. The round was led by a company.

The New York company wants to change the way 3D, augmented and virtual reality is stored and streamed. The goal is to reduce the file sizes and development times for 3D objects.

In an interview with GamesBeat, the CEO of Echo3D stated that the company focuses on building tools and infrastructure to help developers create lighter and faster 3D games and apps. No one wants to wait for heavy 3D assets to load after they click or tap on something, so that is a big benefit for the user experience.

We've been on top of things. The last time we talked, we had over 200 people register for our platform. We have 400 people register each week.

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Space Capital was one of the investors. The announcement came six months after the previous $4 million raise by the company.

Echo3D makes it easier to create and manage 3D, AR, and VR content.

In a statement, Merav Weinryb, vice president of the company and managing director of the company in Israel and Europe, said, "Echo3D's 3D-first content management platform isRedefining how people create 3D, augmented and virtual reality experiences." Their solution addresses the unique challenges of 3D by allowing developers and content creators to easily manage and publish 3D content to their apps in minutes. The creation of next generation content is supported by echo3D.

The foundation for the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all connected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One, is one of the things that the investment in Echo3D supports.

Echo3D makes tools and infrastructure to help developers make lighter and faster games. The solution stores, manages, and streams 3D content to mobile devices, browsers, game engineers, and smart camera devices wherever they are.

The company had hundreds of developers before the Pandemic. A lot of companies wanted to develop digital solutions with 3D assets and so the developer base grew fast.

It was in time for the launch of the $100 million metaverse fund. The opportunity to invest in the first fund was too good to pass up. It doubled in six months, but the company didn't reveal the valuation.

Echo3D’s WebAR customizer.

He said thatQualcomm was a leader when it came to hardware for augmented and virtual reality. Hardware and software can be integrated. We have a vision of the next iteration of the internet, and they agree with it.

There is now a software development kit with echo3D. In order for it to cover the bases in augmented reality, it has integration with Niantic Lighship and 8th wall.

The cross- platform cloud solution stores, manages, and streams 3D content to mobile devices, browsers, game engineers, and smart camera devices anywhere while connecting all of them and collecting data. 3D models, animations, and interactive content can be converted, compressed, and streamed to any device. echo3D has been used to build cloud- connected games, augmented reality advertisements, and more.

Developers using Echo3D have built a lot of things.

Cloud authoring is a type of Amazon Web Services.

He said it was a cloud solution that provided tools and network infrastructure for developers and companies who wanted to build games in the virtual reality experience. Storage, conversion, compression, and streaming are handled by us. Some people focus on the graphics or theavatar. We focus on the invisible stuff, the server setup, conversion, compression, bandwidth, Optimization, distributing assets all over the world, on all these different server

Echo3D founders Koren Grinshpoon (left), Ben Pedazur, and Alon Grinshpoon.

The metaverse is a universe of virtual worlds that are all connected.

The metaverse market is set to grow at a faster rate than the rest of the economy in the next two decades. The surge could mean that the industry will have a challenge in building the infrastructure to support the 3D, augmented, and virtual reality applications that are running on these devices.

A 3D-first content management system and delivery network has been created by a Verified Solutions partner of the Unity game engine.

It uploaded 500 megabytes of assets to the platform for things like 3D models of buildings, and it became five megabytes that can be streamed to an iPad.

The money will be used to grow our team of developers and marketers. A verified solutions partner has been named by Unity. It will make it easier for developers to use its 3D-first content management system and delivery network that helps them build their apps in minutes, and allow their clients to easily publish content to the 3D games and apps.

The company was founded by three brothers.

Echo3D raised money for its 3D content creation tools.

We are hiring like crazy. To become the go-to cloud solution for 3D and metaverse applications, we need to double down on that.

"3D content usage is skyrocketing, but the infrastructure to create, serve and track 3D content has yet to catch up." There are many opportunities to build an infrastructure layer for the internet. Remagine is excited to continue supporting echo3D's mission to build a cross- platform content management system.

Just before the economic downturn, fear of inflation, and other ills took effect, the company was able to raise money.

The round was raised before everyone freaked out. The metaverse is unaffected. People are working on next- generation apps. The timing is perfect.

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